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15-04-2018, 12:22
Diabetes Self-Management - 05/06 2018
Diabetes Self-Management - May/June 2018
English | 72 pages | True PDF | 9.8 MB

Diabetes Self-Management magazine is known well for publishing helpful self-care tips. One recent article talks about why it is important to manage blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels as carefully as blood glucose levels. One helpful entry titled Travelling with Diabetes instructs readers on how they can make it through plane trips and long vacations without eating the wrong foods or going without important pieces of monitoring equipment. Each issue of Diabetes Self-Management magazine contains articles on new diabetes research. One issue explores canagliflozin, a new drug used to treat type 2 diabetes that is said to work differently than other drugs used for the same purpose. Another article asks the question How much do you know about protein? and talks about the effects of protein on the levels of diabetes patients.

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