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7-04-2018, 14:09
Model Engineer – 13.04.2018
Model Engineer – 13 April 2018
English | 68 pages | True PDF | 13.8 MB

The Model Engineer magazine is an almost limitless source of construction articles and techniques in building railway models, clocks, jigs, gear cutting, workshop projects, cnc machining, metalworking, lathe and milling techniques and the making of tools.

***John Clarke constructs a miniature replica of Richard Newsham’s innovative fire engine, which was granted a patent by George I in 1721. Martin Johnson explains what really goes inside model boilers and how he constructed an accurate computer model for predicting their behaviour. Roger Backhouse spends an engineer’s day out at the Denny experimental model ship tank at Dumbarton. Wide-A-Wake finally arrives at the day for its launch. Ramon Wilson describes the completion of its engine rebuild and its introduction to the water. DAG Brown ruminates on repetitive machining and reveals how he goes about the mass production of cones for injectors.***

Hobby and Leisure / Craft and Handmade

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