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13-04-2018, 06:47
Savvy IN - 02.2018
Savvy India - February 2018
English | 30 pages | True PDF | 6.9 MB

SAVVY MAGAZINE, the world's new leading men's magazine, gives guys what they want — beautiful women, jokes, sports, entertainment, gadgets, rides and beautiful women. Did we mention beautiful women?

*** Goddess-Like Gabriela Rabelo. Oh, this Brazilian beauty is truly distracting. I was supposed to write an article (listicle) about “Why Staring at Lovely Women is Good for You” but, yeah, you guessed it... I came across one of Gabriela Rabelo pictures and just lost interest in my supposed task (Editor’s note: can’t blame you, really). Readers check out this babe... whether she sports blonde locks or she’s a brunette, she’s celestial hot. ***


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